So, Rev Ian asked me, “Can you write? Just a few words for the next NeXus Journal.”

And I thought I can, but where to start – so at the beginning, I suppose.

I was born in Nambour and raised on a farm in Obi Valley.

A simple and uncomplicated life except for the memories of severe droughts

and hard times for my mother and father which we did not really understand.

There was little contact with organisations and no opportunity to go to church.

My mother, however had strong beliefs and as we had a piano and she could play well,

we learnt many hymns, and it is no surprise that many are still the hymns we sing in the
Church today.

The old favourites of ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’

and ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’ still bring back many memories of those times.

Eventually a minister organised some church services in the Obi Hall –

I cannot remember how often but they were very infrequent.

My mother also had to home school us for several years until there were enough pupils to support a teacher.

So, my education was at a one teacher school where there were 5 different grades in a total of 11 children.

From there mum and dad were able to send me to the Nambour High School and I stayed at the CWA Hostel during the week.

After secondary school I worked as a secretary and then did accounting.

A few years later Graham and I were married there and after living in Eumundi for several years we returned to Nambour and were once again members of the congregation where our three children were baptised.

After many years of family commitments and work I had the opportunity to learn painting which was something I had always wanted to do.

I had an upbringing where nature was such an integral part of life that I felt compelled to do botanical art which I felt allowed me to express its beauty in a special way.

Botanical art has given me an even deeper understanding of life and God’s hand in our world
than I could have imagined.

When painting, I look on each leaf and each flower as a marvel of Creation. This saying of George Carver Washington expresses more than I can say;

“I love to think of nature broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour if only we will tune in.”

God bless you, Beryl Robertson