The Uniting Church in Nambour came into being on 22 June 1977 formed from the Nambour Methodist Memorial Church and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian events in black,
Methodist / Uniting events in Blue

Mr Beasly came once a year with his Bible and Book Wagon from Brisbane and held Cottage Meetings at W.Perren’s.
James Whalley conducted the first Methodist Service in the home of William and Emma Perren at Petrie Creek.


Mr. T. Howard offered a block of land on which to build a Protestant Church, A meeting in March, 1891 accepted the
offer to build a church in connection with Wesleyan Methodist denomination. Messrs. Whalley and Stark donated the timber
and William and John Perren supplied and cut the shingles.


Church built and opened. Mr. Butler was the first Home Missionary. Sunday School commenced in September, 1892
with William Perren as Superintendent People walked or rode long distances to worship from places as far away as Dunethin
Rock and Woombye. The Church cost was £22. The first wedding held in the Church was James and Mary Perren on the
3rd July, 1895.
Early Trustees: Messrs.Jones, J.N.Whalley, Stark, William and
John Perren, Mitchell, William Whalley, Roberts and Lanham.

First Presbyterian Service held in Nambour District – in homes and in the open air.

Wesleyan Methodist Church built in 1894, photo 1901


School of Arts next door was purchased by theTrustees for £I30. Half of the original Church formed the Vestry and the rest of
the timber was used on the Parsonage. Rev. C.C.Truman was the first Minister.


ladies Church Help Society formed by Rev* T. Brissington’s wife. Methodist Christian Endeavour Society established.


First Home Mission Agent, A.McCauley was appointed.


First Presbyterian Church built in Nambour – Where the ESSO service station was, now Caltex.


Kindergarten Hall opened at a cost of £298.


The Methodist Girls Comradeship commenced with Mrs. Axe as Director.
She held this position for 17 years.


Young Men’s Club was formed by Rev. J. H. Heaton.


Electric light installed in Nambour. “The Church participated in the advantages of this modern illumination.” Light donated by William Whalley.

Presbyterian events in black,
Methodist / Uniting events in Blue

Manse was built during the ministry of J.McVheil


Opening of “Gateway of Memories” the dedication of the Roberts Memorial Gate.
Order of Knights commenced by Rev. E.G.Hall with Merv Hoskings as Commander.


The first Ordained Minister was called to Nambour Congregation


Building committee formed: F. Heaton(Convenor), V. Day, H. Walters, R. Whalley, E. Lanham, J.Grimes.


Rays commenced with Mrs. Thelma Cannon as Chief Ray


Parsonage built The’ timber was donated by G. Perren and cut
by H, Walters, A. Unwin, F. Heaton, C Logan, F. Perren,
G. Perren, E. Biggs and A. Grimes.
Memorial Church Stone Laying was held in November with
Rev* H.W. Prouse, President of the Queensland Methodist
Conference, officiating


A decision was made to sell the Church and Manse site and purchase the present site from Mr.W.R.Rigby
for the sum of £3,700 -.
The old Church building was moved to this site and later served as the hall.


Past Methodist Girls Comradeship was formed Name later
changed to Junior Guild in 1956


Rev.0.Brandon accepted a call as Minister and before
long plans for a new Church were drawn up.


Removal of Old Church Building. Purchased by the Seventh
Day Adventists and shifted to Howard Street

Presbyterian events in black,
Methodist / Uniting events in Blue


Architect was authorised to call tenders for the ground plan of the foundations.
In the following years funds were raised for this construction.


Church Shops opened


Opening of The Nambour Methodist Memorial Church on the 15th May by Rev. G.E. Holland, President of Conference.
Cost of Church was £20,000.


The Kindergarten Hall was sold to Maroochy District Band and
removed to Daniel Street


Opening of New Methodist Sunday School and Youth Centre
in October by Rev. S.G. Munro, President of Conference Completion of the Hall brought the value of the buildings on
the Church’s property to more than £60,000.

Maud Street


The new St.Andrews Church opened by Rev.Ballinger the Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly. Officially opened and dedicated on 28 June 1958, a new building, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Memorial Church, was located on Coronation Ave.

Presbyterian events in black,
Methodist / Uniting events in Blue


Launching of the Blue Nursing Service on the 4 th May. The
Rev. R.T. Sargeant was Director and Sister Hazel Gibson Sister in Charge.
Businessmen’s Luncheon commenced in July, organised by the Junior Guild Proceeds for Blue Nursing.


Purchase of adjoining property in December from the Deans.

1960’s and 1970’s

God’s work in this Congregation was maintained in a variety of ways.
Thanks be to God for all the faithful people who worshipped and worked here.


Photo taken in January 1970 in the Church. Members as follows:

Back Row:

J.Crick , E.Wheeler , E.Slater , V .Simms , J.Wiliersdorf , E.Thomas, J.Douglas, H.Guppy , G.Taylor , J.Savill ,N.Elwood , B.Hagerman, J.Kilby, V.Tomlinson, D.Giess.

Centre Row:

M.Wright , P.Francis, A.BLandford , C.Owens , O.Chance , B.Garrett , M.Cathcart , Mrs. E.Elvery (wife of minister) H.Davies, L.Jensen, B.Ellis, J.Henderson , D.Tessman , N.Townson , M.Perkins, D.Griffin.

Front Row:

J.Hocking , J.Hall, R.Sheppard , M.Goatham , D.Heaton , D.Biggs, N.Bramich, M.Heitman , A.Elms , L.Cathcart , M.Hawthorne , M.Garrad, D.Ford, U.Sexton , L.Webb,
Presbyterian events in black,
Methodist / Uniting events in Blue


Methodist Girls Comrades held a Dinner and Church Service in February to celebrate 50 years.


The Uniting Church in Australia was established on 22 June 1977.


Junior Guild commenced “Where Old Friends Meet”


ST Andrews and the Maud Street Congregations made the decision to become

‘One Congregation meeting in two places’.

The Elders held combined meetings, Sunday School and Youth Groups were combined


Crossroads commenced in March with Alan Donaldson as Director


Buildings destroyed by fire on the 24th April 1987.

The Fire which damaged the Maud Street property brought the two Uniting Church Congregations in Nambour together for Worship.

Congregations combined in worship at St Andrews Church.


Maud Street Church property sold.


Decision was made to develop the St Andrews site as the Nambour Uniting Church – now the official name.


Construction work on the new Uniting Church Complex on this site was begun.

Stained Glass windows from Maud Street Church were moved to the new complex

Presbyterian Ministers who have served in this Congregation 1946 – 1990
Nambour Methodist Church Home Missionaries until 1902
  • Mr. Butler
  • Mr., Fisher-Webster
  • B. Frederick
  • A. Grainger-Smith
  • J .Fr Goldie
  • A.P. Corrie
  • J.E. Blakey
  • C.C. Truman

Ministers 1902-1983
  • C.C. Truman
  • T Brassington
  • W, Shenton
  • W.S. Bath
  • C.T. Palethorpe
  • W.L. Slater
  • Walter S. Sanders
  • F.A. Malcolm
  • John E. Jacob
  • James H. Heaton
  • C.C. Truman
  • A.E Lapthrne
  • EG. Hall
  • EJ. Taylor
  • F. Chowns
  • S .G. Munro
  • Ron Howe
  • George D Smith
  • R.T. Sergeant
  • Ron W. EIvery
  • Ivan Hiscock
  • M E Spengler

For their vision, guidance and openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we give thanks