Learning to sense things

Someone said that “the glory of charity lies in sensing things”.
To sense someone in distress which does not reveal itself will
always help that person in the long run. It may be a matter of life
and death situation. It is always a God gift for someone to sense
things. That person stays alert at all times.

They are always looking to help others. The gospel reading for this Sunday is the story of the wedding at Cana. Jesus and his disciples were invited
to this wedding and in this culture, a wedding can be celebrated for days, and the marriage feast was far from over, and the supply
of wine had almost run out. Mary noticed the embarrassment of the servant. She had sensed the family’s uneasiness, and her plea
came just before the moment when the shortage would have become noticeable. She turned to Jesus and spoke these simple
words: “They have no wine left.” Jesus said, “Dear woman, that’s not our problem, my time has not yet come.” It is interesting to
know that Mary shifted her focus to the servants… “Do whatever he tells you.” This is a sign of confidence in Jesus. Mary knew
that Jesus would not allow this family to be embarrassed by the shortage of wine. This will become a curse for the family for
generations if they did not fulfil their responsibility to the guests.

The words “Do whatever he tells you.” Showed her confidence in her son Jesus. We are not told of the relationships to the couple
but maybe a very close relative or friends of Mary. Definitely Mary did not want this wedding to be a laughing stock of the town.
Her sense of things and imagination put herself in the place of another and look at things from somebody else’s point of view.
It is so sad and selfish that there are people who are always interested in their own affairs.
Mary senses things today, saves this happy couple and their family from the rumours that may not be erased in this village of Cana.
Another valid point is revealed in this story, Jesus was invited to the wedding and that invitation really made the difference.
If Jesus was not invited, it might be a different end to the story, but Jesus was invited and he blessed this celebration.
Do we usually invite Jesus to our social gatherings and celebrations?
Well, this is a good reminder that when Jesus is invited, he turns everything to become the best. Jesus always saves the best for last.

Invite Jesus and be happy!!!!

Grace & Peace, Rev Maile