As Christians we have a special responsibility to get a clear
and accurate view of Christ Jesus.

In a conversation recently, a friend announced,
“I believe in the Big G. He rescues me from all the rubbish people put on me.”
In today’s Gospel Reading we hear Jesus publicly introduced by his cousin as
“The Lamb of God.”
We are not just believers in God (Theists or God-ians) but “Christians”.
Our understanding of Jesus Christ determines how we interact with him, how
we respond to him in our every-day living, how we as a Christian community
represent him in Nambour, and in the end whether we spend eternity with him.

Let me remind you of three resurrection encounters with Jesus:

  • Mary came to recognize Jesus as the resurrected, living one with whom she
    wanted to spend eternity, when he came to her and called by name, “Mary.”
  • The Emmaus couple having walked a road of oppression, came to recognize
    Jesus as the resurrected one, when he accepted their invitation to have a meal
    with them. In so doing, the moment he broke the bread and gave it to them their
    eyes were opened, and they recognized him. With warm hearts and overflowing
    joy, they hastily returned to share their recognition of him with the other grief-stricken followers and friends of Jesus.
  • The men who went fishing and wasted a night catching nothing, recognized
    the resurrected Jesus when they followed his instructions, being amazed by the
    In God’s economy, the resources we have are not wasted
    but are to be invested in serving the resurrected Jesus.
    It is important to understand Jesus is both fully human and fully God.
    He came to us in full humanity and he knows us by name. Every time we share
    a meal in our homes know that Jesus suffered and died and yet is with us in
    resurrection reality that lifts us from oppression to warm hearts and compelling
    joy. And as we follow Jesus’ calling, we discover the incredibility of privilege
    and fruitfulness. It’s true! I have experienced all that too.
    Peace & Grace, Rev Ian Stehbens