Home Bible Study Group will be meeting again this year
with the first get together this

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

at the Church in the downstairs room.
From 9.30AM and everyone is welcome to come along.


Change from 2 days to 1 day -

due to COVID-19 restrictions, Saturday 30 January 2021 will be the only day that this event will be on.

Our Church has invited Pastor Matthew Bolte (a former Uniting Church minister) and now Field Director for the Australian Prayer Network to conduct a School of Prayer at Nambour on the last weekend of January.

The seminar will cover the basics of Intercessory Prayer. It is for all people of faith.
Participants will be able to develop both their understanding of intercessory prayer and develop their practice of praying. Three major aspects of praying for others and situations include talking to God, listening to God and doing what God asks us to do. We may come to consider more strongly that intercessory prayer is an activity of God by which God gets our cooperation so that God’s heart’s desire can be done.

The seminar is entitled;
The Watchman School of Intercession. The Biblical models used in this seminar are Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (John 17) and
the 24/7 Prayer meeting around the Throne in Heaven (Revelation 4 & 5)

Church Activities

Home Group:

Meets each Tuesday at 9AM in a private home.
Contact: Dawn - 5441 1235

Craft Group:

Meets on 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays each month at 9AM.
Folk bring their own craft and happily enjoy the friendship over a cuppa.
Contact: Helen – 5441 4260

Nambour Adult Fellowship Group:

Adult Fellowship Thursday at 9.30AM downstairs rooms. We follow Covid-19 protocols, so everyone is welcome.

We meet on 4th Thursday each month at 9AM in our Church hall. This is open to everyone and a program of social outings and Guest speakers is arranged. Contact: Lyn - 5479 5785

Bowls Groups:
Tuesday at 9AM
Wednesday 1PM
Doug & June – 5441 3329

We are very much part of the local community and our members are involved in many different areas right across the life of our community.


In our position opposite the Nambour State College we are able to offer support to the children through a weekly Breakfast, support for the local Chaplains and some financial support for families in need.
The Uniting Church Awards is presented at the Nambour State College Awards Night and Year 6 Graduation to students who demonstrate an inspirational ability to arise above personal challenges.

Mission Focus

Each month we support our ‘Mission Focus’ projects
  • Lent Event
  • Frontier Services
  • The Shack in Nambour
  • School Chaplains
  • Women’s Shelters in Nambour
  • Biggest Morning Tea and the Act for Peace Christmas Bowl.
Our Hall is used and appreciated by many community groups
  • Nambour Probus,
  • Sunshine Coast Linus Group,
  • Narcotics Australia                                                                           
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Nambour Garden Club
  • Nambour Orchid Society
  • Sunshine Coast Floral Art Group
  • Wesley Mission Queensland
  • Nambour State College

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  1. CHRISTMAS EVE Thursday Evening 24th December at 6PM

    A celebration of the birth of Jesus through traditional carols, Bible readings

    CHRISTMAS MORNING Friday 25th December at 7:30AM

    Worship with the whole family of our Church

    Worship music directed by organist & pianist Jenny Thomas

    with legendary brass musician John Thomas



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